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We Understand Where Your Business Is Going.

Training business people management skills

PROOF Management Marketing 'Guru', consults with managers on seasonal advertising projects

We Understand Contractors

PROOF Management understands contractors. For over 35 years we have been training them to be better business people. Through direct on-site consulting and seminars attended by over 200,000 contractors, we have equipped contractors with the skills they need to understand their finances, engage in effective sales and marketing, shine at customer relations, and be efficient people managers.

Contractor On-Site Consulting

PROOF also has a significant following among contractors in regional markets. We provide direct on-site consulting assistance in strategic planning, assessment of administrative, personnel and project management practices, market development and business enhancement. Whether you are an emerging market leader or a plundering established business looking for change, we offer immediate results.

Manufacturers & Distributors Boost Your Sales Effort

We know your best customers because we have spent years inside of their businesses - as well as ‘inside of their heads’.

market consultant training business men

Market consultant explaining Industry expectations

PROOF Management can provide entertaining and industry specific sales training at your next conference. We take pride in the fact that our contractor customers are among the most stable, innovative and fastest growing contractors in the industry. More than a sales trainer (and we are a darn good one) we offer sales training that helps your salespeople partner and improve your customer’s businesses. We can improve your sales force efforts with hands on, industry specific messages.

Manufacturer Research Clients

Over a decade ago, a few savvy manufacturers noticed the solid, widespread, and credible relations PROOF enjoyed with many of their best customers. We were asked to help these manufacturers better understand - through our eyes as contractor ‘insiders’ - the working of the marketplace.

Personal Business Consulting

Monroe Porter - One-On-One Business Consulting

Some of our past PROOF manufacturer research clients includes 3M, CertainTeed, Dulux Paint Australia & New Zealand, BHP Steel Australia.

We use our years of experience to ensure our research efforts are tailored to the contractor and his trade while at the same time generating useful information for manufacturer clients. Over the years several truths have emerged - and they distinguish PROOF’s brand of industry research from that practiced by general market research firms and even manufacturers themselves.

It’s Not What You Ask, It’s How You Ask It.

Contractors are perceptive people. They know when they are being patronized or spoken to by someone who has little understanding of their daily burdens. They have no patience for either and will sometimes even give misleading responses. PROOF research speaks to the contractor from his perspective, in his language.

Helpful business management advisor

We give unequaled insider’s point of view of your Industry

The quality of the answer often depends on who is doing the asking - Our research clients reap the dividends of years of work by PROOF trainers and speakers in the industry. Interpretation of results is more important than counting numbers - PROOF Management is not like most market research firms. We do not explore the nuances of toothpaste one day, only to explore off road vehicles the next. Our focus as business consultants to the construction industry gives us an unequaled insider’s point of view that drives interpretation of research results.

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